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Three Recent Domestic Violence Decisions That Every New York Divorce Lawyer Should Have At Their Fingertips

In New York, a petitioner is entitled to a final order of protection where it shown that the respondent committed one or more of the crimes defined in the penal law that are said to constitute a “family offense” within the meaning of the Family Court Act. Unlike a criminal prosecution, where each element of the crime must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, a petitioner alleging the commission of a family offense to obtain an order... Read more »

Domestic Violence Expert Takes Stand on Behalf of Woman Accused of Murder in New Zealand

This week, Jessica Keefe, a New Zealand woman who is on trial for murdering Sean Verma, is presenting testimony by a domestic violence expert about Ms. Keefe's state of mind at the time of the alleged stabbing. Earlier in the trial, the prosecutor described the relationship between Ms. Keefe and Mr. Verma as having been violent. Typically, domestic violence experts testify about the characteristics of a battering relationship... Read more »

New York Courts Allow Testimony of Battered Women’s Syndrome

NY Domestic Violence
At some point in his or her career, every divorce lawyer will encounter a case in which one of the parties exhibits symptoms of battered women’s syndrome. The term, which is sometimes abbreviated BWS, first came into usage in the 1970’s, and is used to describe the behavioral pattern of a person who is emotionally, psychologically and/or phys ... Read more »