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Need a Top Employment Attorney? We are New York Employment Lawyers Representing Employees Since 1995 in Wage and Discrimination Cases

We Are Attorneys for Employees in New York and Federal Courts

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The New York Employment Lawyers at Rapaport Law Firm are committed to representing employees whose rights have been violated by their employer, co-employee or supervisor. Because of the cutting-edge employment discrimination issues that we frequently take on, our firm can regularly be heard in the local and national media. We have tenaciously fought to make sure that New Yorkers receive the full benefits of the New York City Human Rights Law, which is one of the most liberal anti-discrimination laws in the country. Our published decisions in the areas of pregnancy/gender discrimination, race discrimination, disability discrimination, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, overtime, age discrimination, hostile work environment and sexual harassment reflect our commitment to enforcing the rights of employees in New York. Our law firm was founded by Marc Rapaport, a New York employment lawyer with 25 years of experience. We represent employees in all New York state and federal courts, as well as in proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, New York State Human Rights Commission, and New York City Human Rights Commission.

Recent Employment and Wage Cases:

The Employment Lawyers at Rapaport Law Firm began 2017 by filing several high-profile cases in New York federal courts. In February 2017, we filed a federal court complaint for unpaid overtime on behalf of six building superintendents against a large New York City landlord. We are also pursuing overtime and discrimination claims on behalf of assistant hair stylists against a widely known chain of hair salons in Manhattan. In addition, the New York employment attorneys at Rapaport Law Firm have tenaciously represented domestic workers against several prominent NYC families who violated New York’s Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights by refusing to pay premium overtime to domestic employees, including nannies and cleaning staff.

Marc Rapaport, Ana Alcantara, and Plaintiffs Celebrate
Victorious Conclusion of Federal Court Overtime
Lawsuit on Behalf of Building Superintendents
Against New York City Landlord

October 6, 2017
Employment Law

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