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Time shaving and Off-the-Clock-Work

New York Wage Lawyer Marc Rapaport

For more than two decades, New York wage attorney Marc Rapaport has aggressively represented employees in New York against employers to illegally shave time off employees’ work hours. All too often, unethical employers try to reap unjust profits from their hourly employees by altering time records to avoid paying them for all hours worked and to avoid paying premium (time and ½) overtime rates. New York Labor Law and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) require employers to pay employees for all hours worked and premium overtime compensation for hours worked over 40 in a workweek. Under New York Law, employees may recover unpaid wages owed to them for the six-year period prior to filing a lawsuit. If your employer is not paying you for all the hours that you work, contact a New York wage and overtime attorney at Rapaport Law Firm.

Many employers illegally cheat their employees by requiring employees to engage in various job functions before they clock into work, or after work hours. This can take many different forms. For example, building superintendents are often required to be on call at all hours of the day or night, yet they are routinely denied overtime. Rapaport Law Firm has been at the forefront of representing residential building superintendents in New York City in claims for unpaid wages and overtime.

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