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Unlawful Deductions from Wages

The New York Wage Lawyers at Rapaport Law Firm represent workers victimized by employers that take unlawful deductions from their earnings. The definition of an "unlawful deduction" under the New York Labor Law describes a wide range of misconduct on the part of employers. In one case handled by our firm, a major New York City residential landlord had an unlawful policy of requiring building superintendents to reimburse the employer for violations issued by the City of New York at buildings where the superintendents worked. Rapaport Law Firm recovered all of the unlawfully deducted wages (plus hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid overtime) for the superintendents.

Employers also violate federal and state law by requiring their employees to provide their own "tools of the trade" needed to perform their jobs. For example, in the case Tapia v. Blch 3rd Ave. LLC, the federal court in Manhattan required the employer to reimburse its employee for the cost of a bicycle that the employee used to carry out his job of making deliveries. Rapaport Law Firm's New York wage and overtime attorneys have also recovered unlawful deduction damages for construction workers who were required to pay for their own tools and protective gear.

Rapaport Law Firm's attorneys can help you determine whether you are the victim of an unlawful deduction from your hard-earned wages.

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