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New York Employment Lawyers Marc Rapaport and Christine Ortiz Support Proposed Changes to DOL Regulations

August 27, 2015

The employment lawyers at New York City's Rapaport Law Firm are working overtime to ensure that millions of works in the United States get compensated for their overtime. For far too long, employees have been given the short end of the stick. However, with proposed regulatory changes, relief is now in sight. 

The proposed Department of Labor (DOL) regulations (Federal Register #2015-15464) to increase the salary threshold to $50,440 under the Fair Labor Standards Act would protect an estimated 5 million additional workers from overtime abuse. Congress has the authority to disapprove proposed regulations such as these through the Congressional Review Act (CRA). We anticipate that this Congress may seek to invoke the Act to disapprove the DOL's regulations. Therefore, Rapaport Law Firm's attorneys, Marc Rapaport and Christine Ortiz, together with thousands of other labor law advocates, have embarked on a campaign to encourage our clients and colleagues to voice their support of the new regulations.

Rapaport Law Firm takes tremendous professional pride in the victories that our firm has achieved on behalf of low wage workers in New York City. Recently, our firm settled a federal class action lawsuit on behalf of superintendents in Manhattan and Bronx whose employer wrongfully withheld thousands of dollars of pay from their paychecks. In the past, our firm has successfully pursued unpaid overtime and wage theft claims on behalf of employees in the restaurant, car wash, and health care billing industries. With our "in the trenches" experience, we have witnessed first-hand how deficiencies in federal wage regulations have deprived millions of hard-working people of crucial wage protections. Simply put, the millions of Americans are being wrongfully excluded from the overtime rules and other protections provided by the Fair Labor Standards Act. The DOL's proposed regulations would bring millions of hard-working people, including many New York residents, under the protective umbrella of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Therefore, we strongly encourage our colleagues and clients to voice support for the changes. It is critical that the Department of Labor hear from supporters in record numbers. The deadline for comments is September 4, 2015. Even if you do not have time to write your own comments, you can support the DOL regulations by visiting If you have the time, you can visit the Federal Register online ( and submit your comments in support of employees across the nation.

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