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New Yorkers Are Emerging From Months of Social Isolation. So Are the Bigots Who Lurk Amongst Us.

Her name is Amy M. Cooper. Until May 25, 2020, she was just another entitled Manhattanite who flaunted her sense of privilege and entitlement. But yesterday, this dishonesty and bigotry of this Riverside Drive resident was exposed when she was videotaped making a racist and false 911 report in Central Park. Instead of following the basic courtesy of placing her dog on a leash, Amy Cooper callously tried to endanger the liberty and safety of an African American gentleman, who sought nothing more than to spend the holiday enjoying Manhattan’s greatest park. All New Yorkers have reason to celebrate the easing of the restrictions that we have endured for months. But let us hope that our much-needed freedom doesn’t unleash more verbal harassment inflicted by the Amy Coopers of the world. The New York civil rights attorneys at Rapaport Law Firm applaud New Yorkers for standing up to bigots. For 25 years, the New York discrimination attorneys at Rapaport Law Firm have fought for the rights of New Yorkers to be free from all forms of discrimination.

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