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Family Divorce Law Marc Rapaport Has Two Decades of Experience Providing Aggressive, Highly-Skilled Legal Representation in NY and NJ Divorce Matters, Including: Uncontested Divorce; Child Support; Equitable Distribution of Marital Property; and Child Custody.

New York divorce lawyer Marc Rapaport has 18 years of experience assisting residents of New York and New Jersey with all aspects of divorce and family law. Mr. Rapaport represents clients in both contested and uncontested divorce and family law matters. He works closely with his clients to achieve their particular goals, providing seasoned counsel in meeting present and future financial needs, and in resolving all issues concerning the distribution of property, maintenance, child support, child custody, separation agreements, medical coverage, marital debts, and related matrimonial issues.

Our firm seeks to provide cost-effective representation. We understand that due to the expense and trauma of the divorce process, our clients' best interests are often best served by laying the groundwork for a marital separation agreement. When you retain Rapaport Law Firm to represent you in your New York divorce, you get hands-on, eminently skilled, and experienced guidance by a tenacious, experienced, and caring  New York divorce lawyer.

Mr. Rapaport is consistently consulted by media regarding divorce matters. Mr. Rapaport's insights regarding New York divorce have been printed in New York Magazine's "Ask the Experts" column. Mr. Rapaport has also provided commentary on ABC News and other national media outlets concerning high-profile divorce disputes. 

What Happens to the Marital Residence in a New York Divorce?


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