New York Employment Lawyers

The New York Employment Lawyers at Rapaport Law Firm are committed to representing employees whose rights have been violated by their employer, co-employee or supervisor. Because of the cutting-edge employment discrimination issues that we frequently take on, our firm can regularly be heard in the local and national media. We have tenaciously fought to make sure that New Yorkers receive the full benefits of the New York City Human Rights Law, which is one of the most liberal anti-discrimination laws in the country. Our published decisions in the areas of pregnancy/gender discrimination, race discrimination, disability discrimination, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, overtime, age discrimination, hostile work environment and sexual harassment reflect our commitment to enforcing the rights of employees in New York. Our law firm was founded by Marc Rapaport, a New York employment lawyer with 25 years of experience. We represent employees in all New York state and federal courts, as well as in proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, New York State Human Rights Commission, and New York City Human Rights Commission.

Recent Employment and Wage Cases:

The pandemic has not prevented employment lawyers Marc Rapaport and Meredith Miller from achieving significant legal victories in 2021 on behalf of employees in New York City.

  • In April, the United States District Court in Brooklyn granted preliminary certification to our clients, maintenance workers employed at apartment buildings in the Bronx who were unlawfully denied overtime pay;
  • In June, after five years of litigation, we reached a multi-million dollar settlement agreement in a federal wage and hour class action with a prominent New York City landlord on behalf of 500 superintendents and porters;
  • During the first week of July, we reached $500,000 settlement in an overtime case on behalf of our clients who worked as painters and carpenters for a regional construction company;
  • We negotiated severance agreements on behalf of executives and professionals, including, for example, a research scientist at one of New York City’s most prominent universities and a senior executive at a national broadcasting network;

We take pride in the diversity of our clientele and breadth of our knowledge and experience in New York employment law.

Building Superintendents Against New York City Landlord

Marc Rapaport, Ana Alcantara, and Plaintiffs Celebrate Victorious Conclusion of Federal Court Overtime Lawsuit on Behalf of Building Superintendents Against New York City Landlord

Are you suffering sexual harassment at work? Here are suggestions for protecting your legal rights.

New York Employment Attorneys Marc Rapaport and Meredith Miller have effectively represented employees against the nation's largest corporations. We are particularly well known for handling cutting-edge gender discrimination matters, as well as pursuing ground-breaking class action overtime claims in federal courts on behalf of building services workers. Marc and Meredith are currently finalizing a class action settlement on behalf of more than 550 superintendents, porters and handymen in Manhattan and the Bronx.