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Rapaport Law Firm – NY Commercial Litigators for the Communications Industry

When the nation’s largest telecommunications companies need experienced New York commercial litigators, they turn to attorneys Marc Rapaport and Meredith Miller. We litigate class action claims; brokerage commission disputes; unfair competition claims; commercial real estate disputes; covenants not to compete; and more. Our notable successes include:

  • We successfully defended a French law firm against claims by a former associate in New York County Supreme Court.  After a bench trial, our client prevailed, and the Court ruled that the associate had failed to adhere to mandatory French laws requiring mediation of claims between attorneys.
  • In 2011, we obtained a favorable decision from New York’s Appellate Term (First Department) on behalf of a major telecommunications firm in a case involving a Plaintiff’s claim that it was wrongfully billed for client’s electrical consumption.  The Appellate Term in Manhattan ruled that our client had not engaged in any misconduct, and the case was dismissed.
  • In 2012, we obtained a substantial verdict on behalf of a flooring subcontractor that had performed flooring work for one of the area’s largest retail developments.  Our client was awarded both monetary damages, as well as substantial attorneys’ fees.
  • In August 2012, we obtained a temporary restraining order against one of New York’s largest banks.  Our client, a tenant in the bank’s building, had been prevented by the bank from using its leased premises.  On short notice, we appeared in the Bronx County Supreme Court and obtained an immediate order requiring the bank to restore access.

The foregoing examples represent just a small sampling of Rapaport Law Firm’s achievements in commercial disputes.  We offer the skills and expertise normally expected of New York City’s largest law firms.  However, because of our modest size and attention to costs, we can provide skilled representation in a more cost-effective manner.