Court Imposes Ultimate New York Child Support Enforcement Remedy: Prison

A New York parent who fails to pay his or her child support obligations faces a long list of potential penalties, including forfeiture of their driver’s license and passport. In truly egregious cases, courts can sentence non-compliant child support obligors to jail. This is precisely what happened to the obligor-father in the case Longman vs. Longman.

Last week, the Appellate Division for the Second Department upheld a trial court order sentencing Mr. Longman to the Suffolk County Correctional Facility for a period of 60 days. According to the decision, his child support arrears total $100,000. You can read the full text of the decision here.

If you are trying to enforce a New York child support order, there are powerful legal remedies that can be used to collect what you are owed. Rapaport Law Firm’s Child Support Information Page offers more information about child support enforcement remedies in New York.

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