Rapaport Law Firm Files Proposed Class Action Lawsuit on Behalf of More Than 1,872 NYC Rent Stabilized Tenants

In 2017, attorneys Marc Rapaport and Meredith Miller of Rapaport Law Firm filed a proposed class action lawsuit against SKYC Management and Greisman Realty alleging that residents of fifty apartment buildings in Manhattan and the Bronx were victims of rent and security deposit overcharges. We are demanding financial damages and injunctive relief on behalf of thousands of low-income families who have suffered years of rent overcharges at the hands of these New York City slumlords.

New York landlords must deposit security deposits in bank accounts earning interest, and they are forbidden from commingling security deposits with other funds. Landlords who violate these rules must return security deposits to tenants. When an apartment is rent stabilized, a landlord cannot demand a security deposit above one-month’s legal rent.

The lawsuit alleges that SKYC Management and its managers, Shimon Greisman and Gary Gartenberg, required rent stabilized tenants to pay double or triple the amount of security allowed under New York law. The lawsuit also alleges that SKYC Management illegally retained tenants’ security deposits, instead of returning these funds to tenants when their leases ended. The lawsuit also alleges that SKYC Management engaged in pervasive rent overcharges and rent gauging.

It is time for New York landlords to follow the law. The attorneys at Rapaport Law Firm take pride in our legal battle against NYC landlords who violate rent stabilization laws.

Read the full complaint against SKYC Management and Greisman Realty here.

Are you among the nearly 1,900 tenants who were overcharged by SKYC Management? This lawsuit seeks compensation for current and former tenants at the following buildings:


  • 157 West 228th St.
  • 163 East 178th St.
  • 666 East 224th St.
  • 901 East 217th St.
  • 912 Kelly St.
  • 955 Walton Ave.
  • 1153-55 Grand Concourse
  • 1174 Sheridan Ave.
  • 1204 Shakespeare Ave.
  • 1214 Shakespeare Ave.
  • 1364 Bronx River Ave.
  • 1374 Bronx River Ave.
  • 1405 Walton Ave.
  • 1406 Townsend Ave.
  • 1551 Sheridan Ave.
  • 1820 Morris Ave.
  • 1820 Morris Ave.
  • 1900 Hennessy Place
  • 2003, 2005, and 2009 Gleason Ave.
  • 2005 Grand Ave.
  • 2395 Grand Ave.
  • 2397 Grand Ave.
  • 2188 Creston Ave.
  • 2195 Grand Concourse
  • 2195 Grand Concourse
  • 2246 Grand Concourse
  • 2815 Grand Concourse
  • 2427 Webster Ave.
  • 2281-85 University Ave.
  • 2332-36 University Ave.
  • 2522 University Ave.
  • 3604 Olinville Ave.


  • 71 Post Avenue
  • 321 Edgecombe Ave
  • 381 Edgecombe Ave
  • 385 Edgecombe Ave
  • 393 Edgecombe Ave
  • 346 East 9th Street
  • 544-550 Academy Street
  • 601 West 192nd Street
  • 657 West 161st Street
  • 667 West 161st Street
  • 671 West 162nd Street
  • 674 W. 161st Street

Were you subjected to rent or security deposit overcharges by SKYC Mgmt., Greisman Realty, or another NYC Landlord?

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