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Landlord Tenant

Landlord Tenant Lawyers

Rapaport Law Firm: NYC Landlord Tenant Attorneys Since 1995

New York Commercial Landlord-Tenant Litigation:

We provide experienced counseling in connection with lease disputes. When litigation cannot be avoided, we are equipped to guide our clients through the process. Examples of the types of suits we handle range from breach of lease, constructive eviction, return of security and dispossession actions to non-payment and suits against lease guarantors. New York City has the most complex landlord tenant laws in the nation. With two decades of experience, attorney Marc Rapaport effectively guides clients through the intricacies of New York’s Real Property Law. He represents clients in New York City Civil Court, Supreme Court, and in all NY and NJ federal courts.

Mr. Rapaport has extensive experience in landlord-tenant disputes involving cellular communication facilities. Marc Rapaport is the attorney that the nation’s fourth largest telecommunications carrier turns to for legal representation when an antenna facility is threatened by a landlord. We obtain temporary restraining orders and injunctions that prevent landlords from terminating leases or constructively evicting our clients. Our unique understanding of cell site litigation is derived from years of experience.

Our firm also helps commercial tenants protect their valuable leasehold interests when banks institute foreclosure proceedings against their landlords, or a building owner files for bankruptcy. During the recent foreclosure crisis, our attorneys have helped our clients preserve long-term leases that may otherwise have been forfeited.

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