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New York Magazine’s ASK THE EXPERTS divorce column features Marc Rapaport

Ask the Expert – Marc Rapaport

BY Kate Appleton & E.J. Samson

MARC A. RAPAPORT, Divorce Lawyer

New York Magazine [NYM]: What time of year is busiest?

Marc Rapaport [MR]: January and February are big months for divorce lawyers. After all the holidays, divorces tend to become very intense.

NYM: Any particular trends this year?

MR: A lot of people in the military are facing divorce. Their marriages are failing at an astronomical rate and some of them are even finding divorce lawyers over the Internet from Iraq.

NYM: What advice would you have for a couple about to marry?

MR: A pre-nuptial agreement. It’s particularly appropriate in New York, where people tend to get married later after acquiring more assets.

NYM: What are your own plans for Valentine’s Day?

MR: A judge whom I suspect has an odd sense of humor has scheduled a very nasty divorce trial to begin on Valentine’s Day between a couple who are still pursuing their mutual hatred of each other after six years of continuous litigation in four different courts and two different states.

NYM: Wow. And after the trial?

MR: It’ll be a late dinner with my wife at Da Andrea, my absolute favorite. I have an allergy, but they know me very well and don’t need to ask how to prepare my food.

NYM: One last piece of lawyerly advice: what should you absolutely not do on Valentine’s Day?

MR: Don’t make plans with your lover using an email account that your spouse has access to. I’ve had people come in with email messages going back years and they make wonderful evidence.

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