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New York Wage Lawyers Report Dramatic Rise in Federal Court Overtime Claims

Today, Reuters reported that in 2013, there was a substantial increase in the number of wage claims filed by employees in both state and federal courts throughout the United States. According to the report, wage lawyers at Seyfarth Shaw predict that the trend will continue in 2014. According to Reuters, there has been a discernible

Dis Is We Thing, Inc. Might (or Might Not) Be Liable For Assault, But Definitely Guilty of the Most Atrociously Bad Corporate Name in History of Universe

New York’s Appellate Division for the Second Department is, in all likelihood, the busiest appellate court in the United States. The justices of the Second Department hear appeals from trial courts in 11 different counties, ranging from rural Dutchess and Putnam Counties to urban Brooklyn and Queens. The Second Department’s decisions offer a kaleidescopic view

Court Imposes Ultimate New York Child Support Enforcement Remedy: Prison

A New York parent who fails to pay his or her child support obligations faces a long list of potential penalties, including forfeiture of their driver’s license and passport. In truly egregious cases, courts can sentence non-compliant child support obligors to jail. This is precisely what happened to the obligor-father in the case Longman vs.

New York Domestic Violence Law: Testimony of Controlling Behavior

In this blog, I have discussed patterns that the New York divorce lawyers at Rapaport Law Firm have observed during our two decades attorneys for victims of domestic violence in New York and New Jersey. In my earlier post, entitled New York Courts Allow Testimony of Battered Women’s Syndrome, I wrote about the cyclical patterns

Prenuptial Agreements are Alive and Well in New York

Earlier this year, Elizabeth Cioffi-Petrakis won an appeal overturning a bizarre premarital agreement with her millionaire husband. At the time, New York divorce lawyers described the decision as a landmark ruling. The decision garnered widespread attention in the media. Several of New York’s celebrity divorce attorneys suggested that the appellate court’s decision would have the

Bullying in the Workplace: A New York Employment Lawyer’s Call for Action

In recent years, much needed attention has finally been given to the horrific epidemic of bullying in our nation’s schools. Previously, the phenomenon of bullying in schools and colleges was relegated to the subject of jokes or parody. The message sent by Hollywood films such as Revenge of the Nerds was, in sum and substance,

New York Lawyer Files Lawsuit to Hold NYC and Dept. of Education Responsible for Teen’s Suicide Due to Bullying

The attorneys at Rapaport Law Firm strongly support the efforts of our colleague, Ted Kessler, Esq., who is the attorney for the family of bullied teen Joel Morales in their lawsuit against New York City, the Department of Education, and bullying teens who subjected young Joel to years of torment and abuse. The unrelenting and

Domestic Violence Expert Takes Stand on Behalf of Woman Accused of Murder in New Zealand

This week, Jessica Keefe, a New Zealand woman who is on trial for murdering Sean Verma, is presenting testimony by a domestic violence expert about Ms. Keefe’s state of mind at the time of the alleged stabbing. Earlier in the trial, the prosecutor described the relationship between Ms. Keefe and Mr. Verma as having been

Yes, You Can Handle The Truth, Even in Your New York Divorce Case

Each year, I am honored to serve as New York divorce lawyer for dozens of individuals who are seeking to move on with their lives after reaching the painful realization that their marital relationships are irretrievably broken. My clients come from virtually all walks of life. Regardless of the nature of their marital issues or

Never Send Confidential Information to Your Divorce Lawyer from Your Employer-Provided Email Account

There are few things more important for an effective relationship between a client and their divorce attorney than their ability to communicate with each other in absolute confidence. This is known as attorney client privilege. The doctrine of attorney client privilege is so important that it is codified in New York Law. Specifically, Section 4503(a)

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