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Viglianco v. Herbst, et al.

(published in the New York Jury Verdict Reporter) During the course of her employment with the defendants, Ms. Viglianco, an attorney, was subjected to repeated insults and slurs concerning her national heritage. In addition, during her pregnancy, Ms. Viglianco was harassed by her supervisor, warned that she was required to return to work immediately after

Gibli v. Kadosh

Gibli v. Kadosh, 279 A.D.2d 235 (2000) (New York Law Journal; Class Action Reporter) In this dental malpractice action, our client signed a release approximately one month after a surgical procedure that involved the extraction of a third molar. During that procedure, our client’s lingual nerve was severed, causing permanent and irreparable parasthesia. The Appellate

Peralta v. Chromium Plating

(published in the New York Law Journal) Ms. Peralta was granted summary judgment on a Title VII pregnancy discrimination claim. During the case, defendants admitted that they terminated Ms. Peralta from her employment solely because of her pregnancy.

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