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Mena v. Key Food Stores Cooperative Inc. et al.

2003 N.Y. Misc. LEXIS 231 and New York Law Journal; March 31, 2003 Key Food In this widely-publicized discrimination suit, plaintiffs alleged that obscenities, foul language, racial slurs and epithets directed at women and African Americans were common parlance at the Key Food offices. Approximately one year before this law suit was instituted, our client,

Giray v. Cruey, New York Law Journal

(published in the NY Law Journal on 1/13/2003) Practice Area: Family Outcome: Order directing cancellation of pre-application child support arrears. Description: Despite New York’s statutory prohibitions prohibiting courts from cancelling pre-application child support arrears, our client’s arrears were vacated, in their entirety, based on the Court’s determination that there were extreme and unique circumstances. This

More Employees Come Forward With Information About Alleged Racism at Keyfood

New York-WABC, June 10, 2002) – More workers are coming forward with claims of racial discrimination at the Key Food Store Cooperative after an Eyewitness News Investigation. A new excerpt from a secretly recorded audiotape may show that executives ignored at least one discrimination complaint. The Investigators’ Jim Hoffer brings us this update on his

Supervisor Fired After Report by Investigator

(New York-WABC, June 6, 2002) – A report from the ABC7 Eyewitness News Investigators has led to quick action. Last night, we reported the claims by some former employees of blatant racial discrimination at the headquarters of a major supermarket cooperative…. The action comes on the heels of a new New York City investigation and

Race Bias Suit Hits Keyfood

(J. Zambia Browne. NY Amsterdam News. June 6, 2002) – In a lawsuit filed under New York City’s Human Rights Law, plaintiffs Shondelle Northe, Nancy Mena and Gina Healy have released audio tapes con-firming their allegations of racism and discrimination against executives of New York’s Key Food Stores Co-operative Inc. The plaintiffs’ lawsuit, which seeks

Former Employees Say Audio Tapes Show Extent of Racism At Large Supermarket Cooperative

New York-WABC, June 5, 2002) – Former employees of a large supermarket cooperative say they faced rampant racial discrimination on the job, and they have a disturbing tape to back up their claims. Several former workers at Key Food say they were victims, and three of the workers have filed a $15 million lawsuit claiming

Viglianco v. Herbst, et al.

(published in the New York Jury Verdict Reporter) During the course of her employment with the defendants, Ms. Viglianco, an attorney, was subjected to repeated insults and slurs concerning her national heritage. In addition, during her pregnancy, Ms. Viglianco was harassed by her supervisor, warned that she was required to return to work immediately after

Gibli v. Kadosh

Gibli v. Kadosh, 279 A.D.2d 235 (2000) (New York Law Journal; Class Action Reporter) In this dental malpractice action, our client signed a release approximately one month after a surgical procedure that involved the extraction of a third molar. During that procedure, our client’s lingual nerve was severed, causing permanent and irreparable parasthesia. The Appellate

Peralta v. Chromium Plating

(published in the New York Law Journal) Ms. Peralta was granted summary judgment on a Title VII pregnancy discrimination claim. During the case, defendants admitted that they terminated Ms. Peralta from her employment solely because of her pregnancy.

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