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Monthly Archives: July 2013

July, 2013 Discrimination Law Update: New York Courts Buck the National Trend with Decisions that Enhance Workplace Protection under NYCHRL

law and discrimination
Although we have just approached the midpoint of 2013, it is already apparent that this year will long be remembered for its paradigm-shifting changes in civil rights law. On the federal level, there has been an alarming rollback of civil rights protections. The U.S. Supreme Court’s curtailment of voting rights has been particularly painful for discrimination lawyers.  On June 25, 2013, the website The Daily Beast characterized the... Read more »

New York Appellate Court Affirms Award of Custody Without a Trial

Contested custody disputes are, without question, the most stressful of all family law cases. In every custody dispute, each parent faces the daunting prospect that a complete stranger will decide, based on limited information, the role that he or she will have in the life of their child. In New York – as in other states – both parents have presumptively equal rights to seek custody, regardless of their gender.... Read more »